About the sale of properties

  • sworn experts for court
  • sworn experts for private and public
  • expert Conciliation Chamber of Commerce
  • Administration condominium
  • energy certification by law drafted by qualified engineers
  • advertising ': website, major newspapers, internet portals, leaflets and posters
  • rendering properties
  • accurate market research in order to verify the actual property values
  • inspection, valuation and consulting, collection documentation (an overview, floor plans, place of origin, etc ..)
  • constant assistance ensured at all stages of negotiation: Proposal d 'purchase, preliminary deed and after sale
  • Free financial advice with the support of professionals to help you choose the best financial proposal at very competitive rates
  • professionals: engineers, architects and surveyors are ready to solve any problem inherent unauthorized building, pilings, planimetric changes, structural changes, etc.
  • free legal advice
  • estimates notarial free
  • conventions particularly advantageous with regard to possible craftsmen: bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, painters, removals companies, all with free estimates


About renting buildings

  • negotiations (proposed lease) and collecting references potential tenants
  • advice on the type of lease or "fee free" or "agreed rent" (with tax relief)
  • stipulation and computerized registration of the lease (for "dry coupon")
  • communication sale made at the police station - renewals, transfers, replacements and enhancements istat